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Fanx Bae


Just wanted to take a wee moment to reflect - so much so I've Actually just donned a tweed jacket and stood enigmatically with a pipe by a large window looking wistfully onto a foggy lake .

Anyway , just wanted to take 5 minutes out from battering you all with the words 'Ruin your Youth' and 'New Single' - just to say a heartfelt 'Thanks' :-)

Its been a lovely, surprising and exciting few days - and quite touching to see just how fucking positive and nice people have been about our first release in two decades.

Coming back is a bit like organising a huge party , then worrying about who will turn up ? ...

What if we don't have enough bog roll? ....

what about snacks ? ... are there any Vegans?

Shit , what are we going to do about the neighbours?

and I bet some arsehole is sick on the hall carpet again...

In fact -

fuck all this -

Get out of my house before I let the leopards out.

So you see - it's a rollercoaster of emotion .

But we're on it together now - so now we've found each other we're really looking forward to squashing up , eating all your popcorn .

And then vomiting as we go upside down .

Life is beautiful.

As are you.

Don't ever forget it.

Thanks Bae xx *

*buy a T-shirt

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