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Ode To Ritch Battersby

"Raaa Raaa Ritchy B , Brummies greatest Drum machine" *

*Sung to the tune of Boney M's 'Rasputin'

Saturday is ENTIRELY the correct day to celebrate all things Ritchy - because If he were a day of the week? - he'd be a Saturday.

A day where optimism reigns and anything is possible - everything about him says ' fuck it - its Sunday tomorrow eh? so let's just enjoy the moment' Not much ruffles 'Dr' Ritch as he used to be known on tour. He was the man you sought refuge in when the fear finally caught up with you at 5am on the tour bus - You would seek out the doctor (invariably the last awake, propped up smoking at the front in the kitchen/lounge area) and he would prescribe a tonic to cure your woes and ailments.. To our mind he had an amazing talent, a gift from god. His prescriptions primarily involved more Jack Daniels copious amounts of smoking and you shutting the fuck up and listening to Rush. but incredibly it always worked. Dr Ritch always has the right answer and for this He is a nobleman amongst Apes. A scholar in a profession of fools . A renaissance man in a world of drumming pugilists. And he has a good hair do. it's really curly like.

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