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We're ready, are you?

Hola slaves! Have you noticed there's suddenly a slight chill in the air? A breeze pregnant with change? Leaves are starting to blush and the crackle of limbs in the stirring wind is audible. The ground seems to sigh and swells, like it's turning its fertile mud belly to the sky once again. No. It's not Autumn yet. That's just planet earth gathering its knickers up in a bunch as it prepares for both our new album release AND our first UK tour in 20 years. Can you blame it? These sort of end days events were only foretold in the book of revelations. And like a Rocky training montage we're ready. We bob and weave in ancient sweat marked hoodies pounding dark streets flatfooted at the crack of dawn. Someone throws us an apple from a market stall - still just setting up as we run by. Our half moon eyelids glance dance brightly towards it above our manly, handsome curled lips We miss it. It falls into the gutter. Ritchy treads on it and turns his ankle. The market trader instantly regrets such an obvious waste of stock and ruminates over his increasing non profitability. He begins to cry. Ritch begins to cry. We all cry. Everything is just so emotional before a big fight. And we can't wait to see you all ringside. ADRIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Order the CD and digital download on Bandcamp. It's Bandcamp Friday on 2nd Sept so they don't charge us any fees!

Or order the CD directly from our website

AND stream the living shit out of it on all the usual streaming services

Read what Maximum Volume Music had to say about Pass Me The Conch

Play it on repeat, learn all the words and then join us on one of the following dates...

09/09/22 GLASGOW Classic Grand 10/09/22 NEWCASTLE Riverside 11/09/22 MANCHESTER Rebellion 13/09/22 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club 15/09/22 BRISTOL Fleece 16/09/22 CARDIFF Globe 17/09/22 EXETER Phoenix 19/09/22 NORWICH Epic Studios 20/09/22 BIRMINGHAM O2 Institute 21/09/22 BRIGHTON Concorde II 23/09/22 SOUTHAMPTON Brook 24/09/22 LONDON XOYO

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