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Why You Shouldn't Go Commando When Playing A Gig

TBT - Munich, Germany 23/11/2000

Supporting Amen was no mean feat for us. With all their bloodletting and angst, GTA's brand of good time party 'choons' was always going to be hard sell for their fans. Possibly fate , possibly luck or possibly just poor workmanship won the day in the end though. for it was at this gig the zipper on my much loved parachute trousers finally broke - having no clean knickers left at this point on the tour I was commando resulting in my willy hanging out in the wind for most of the set until our tour manager Giggs plastered a strip of gaffer over the gaping willy window. Strangely enough the knob showing seemed to win over the grim faced crowd and we had a great show from that point. Say what you like about Germans - they do like a bit of cock. We can all take something from that I feel. HIYA!!! :-)

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