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Technology... We've come a long way

It blows my mind a bit how primitive things were only 20 years ago .

Internet was relatively new - as was emailing.

The record company, riding the wave of this new 'Fad' set up band website and a band 'chat room' / forum - so we were under strict instructions to interact , reply to chat room topics , keep tour diaries etc.

Not half as easy as it sounds when that depends on you finding phone lines, 5 minutes peace and being sober enough to use complex tools like your hands.

Subsequently connection became somewhat of an ongoing obsession whenever our bus 'HMS FILTHBUCKET' stopped at a hotel and a mad 'its a knockout' type dash would ensue to gain control over the room's phone line.

Undisputed king of this was Chris - he could literally smell internet connection at 1000 yards.

Makes you realise how easy it is now .

Did any of you ever use our chat room ? .. if so do you need an apology for whatever we said?

Our lawyers are standing by now to take your call.

Just have to wait for the phone to stop making that electronic crackle and beeping noise and the blue line to start moving up.


Chris wins the annual race to the telephone line

Dave 'Ugly loser; our faithful driver joins the race ... note the huge camera ... dirty boy

Ritchy displays the 21st century ... in low resolution

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