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Welcome To Asbury Park

You're welcome to it...

Welcome to Asbury Park.

Twinned with the opening titles of Scooby Doo.

Imagine an out of season seaside resort, in the grip of a terminal depression, with feline AIDS and you're somewhere near .

Possibly one of the most depressing places in America - possibly the world. It's no wonder Bruce Springsteen sounded so fucking miserable all the time. We found the Stone Pony where he started out , but it was shut. If S Club Seven had started there they would have sounded like Joy Division I reckon. Springsteen had quite a lot of airplay in the bus en route so our minds were full of the working class angst, blue collar drama and gritty hard living romance he paints so vividly in his songs. Instead the biggest human drama I encountered was when I trod in what I suspect was human turd whilst looking around in an abandoned victorian theatre. Even The Boss would have been hard pushed to get a song out of that. I couldn't even get it out of the waffle of my sole. It's a funny old place America.

shut for business

Concerned a working class hero will start writing songs again - they shut it just in case.

Sitting outside somewhere that's shut.

Contemplating the shit on my shoe.

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