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Ghetto Blast From The Past

We bought this in a junk shop right near our management office in Islington ( back in the days when you could still buy cool stuff in charity and junk shops)

It obviously had good survivor instincts as it made it around most of London that day on a particularly long pub crawl.

Eventually it made it home, ended up covered in stickers and generally got kicked about like an unloved dog until it made it into some of the first promotional images for the band.

I believe it then ended up back at the management offices where it was subsequently given away in a fan competition whilst we were in America? I still wake at night worrying about its whereabouts. Did it ever find love? Is it now married to a beautiful toaster and father to 4 cassettes? Does it still smell like someone set light to a tramp? Did it ever manage to play a tape without physically eating it? SO many questions. Any information gratefully received * * I want my Shalamar tape back if its still in it. #ghettoblaster #lost #Shalamar

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