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Monday Metal Alert!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Monday Metal Alert!

Kerrang! review of Blame Everyone.

Having one foot in and one firmly out of the 'Metal' world it made it tricky for people to pin us down.

In a lot of ways it would have been infinitely easier (and probably more obvious considering the members) for us to do a straight ahead hard 'rock' band.

But we had all done that before - and more's the point we were all seriously bored with that format.

We were obsessed with the idea you could take all the 'oomph' from harder music, but you could also nick some of the hip hop funk and pop catchiness to make something kick ass catchy.

The reviewer, Paul Brannigan definitely has the measure of what we were trying to do here - shit or bust and have the best time ever whilst trying

Grand Theft Audio Blame Everyone Kerrang! Review
Grand Theft Audio - Blame Everyone

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