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Monkey Chews, Mark Thwaite and Phil from Eastenders

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

We had a great pub just across the road from our studio - 'Monkey Chews' Often full of minor media celebs, it was where I first met with Ralph & Ritch, the album was conceived and the location for our first group photo shoot. On this occasion we are having quiet drink with the lovely Mark Thwaite (guitarist The Mission , Tricky,Peter Murphy,Spear of Destiny, Theatre of Hate) after he had just laid down guest guitars on 'Rock the House' I say quiet. If I recall correctly the night turned a bit sour when I got into trouble for trying to look at Eastender Phil Mitchell's nob in the toilets . That sort of thing could happen in there . Sorry Phil.

Grand Theft Audio and Mark Gemini Thwaite at Monkey Chews
Grand Theft Audio & Mark Gemini Thwaite

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