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What makes band memorabilia a rarity?

A bit of a rarity kindly shared by Scott McCloud .

A Signed promo pic obtained at Glasgow Cathouse gig which still hangs on his wall.

What makes it a rarity?

Well - the record company did issue thousands of these , and we did sign thousands. But this is the ONLY one I have ever seen since that does not feature any of the following : a) A hitler moustache on any member b) '666' on the forehead of any member c) The word 'prick' on the forehead of any member d) Eyes coloured in red on any member e) The words 'Gaylord' or 'is bent' under any members signature. f) The inscription 'Lend me five pounds' written under any member g) A comedy 'pud' dick with spunk squirts. In retrospect I feel we were the unthinking man's Genesis.

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