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Strange memories of touring the US with Nu Metal bands circa 2000 Vol 1.

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Grand Theft Audio/ P.O.D. Tour passes
Grand Theft Audio/ POD Tour Passes


The expression 'chalk and cheese' is generally overused - but it couldn't be more appropriate in this instance .

I'm guessing whoever booked us to support the Christian rockers POD - who were enjoying massive success at that point -really hadn't done their homework regarding us. Not that we were anti them in anyway, far from it - they were really nice people - its just our particular brand of party hearty swearathon punk rock didn't sit entirely at ease with their general message or their audience. The fact that we habitually threw the 'Horns' at any given moment in response to most things - or that we all swore like sailors in thick regional english accents probably didn't help us with the audience much either. My favourite example of the two world's colliding was backstage one night in their dressing room We were having a few drinks in their dressing room after the show and trying to find common ground and be friendly. Chris suddenly piped up “Here, I tell you what I meant to ask you mate” - He was indicating to the lead singer who looked up smiling “Yeah, you know that song you do last? The U2 one?” ( POD would usually close their set or encore with a cover version of U2’s ‘Bullet the Blue Sky’ which was actually pretty good) The singer nodded and smiled “Yeah it’s a great tune like, but what’s with that fucking big picture of Bob Marley at the end? .. I mean.. What’s Bob Marley got to do with anything?” Part of the POD stage show was that at the very Climax of the song a huge backdrop unfurled in the darkness and then was suddenly illuminated in brilliant light ...revealing A gigantic picture of a pained looking man gazing wistfully skyward. The singer politely , and rather painfully , then explained that in fact wasn't Bob Marley . It was supposed to be Jesus. It's always so hard not to get the giggles when you mistake the Lord for a popular crossover reggae artist. It fucking looked like Bob Marley I'm telling you.

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