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The Fist Of Fury Leads To A Lifetime Ban

The Fist of Fury.

Touring with Gary Numan felt like it was going to be an odd fit for Grand Theft Audio at first I must admit .

Gary was having somewhat of a renaissance in America , in some part due to artists like Marilyn Manson and NIN covering his stuff and being very vocal about his influence.

Nonetheless we wondered if his audience would 'get' us though. As it happened they were actually amazing to us, as was Gary himself and we had what can only be described as a 'rip roaring' time . The pinnacle I still feel though was one night at the Fillmore in San Fransico. having played a killer show (modest as ever) we set about celebrating as usual .. at some point this exuberance spilled into a heated debate (probably something HUGELY important like the relative merits of the Ramones? .. or the great 'Clash Or Pistols?' debate) It got hairy though - so much so that a point had to be made. On this occasion it was Ralph making the point - and the instrument of choice for making said point bizarrely was heavy rubber fist shaped dildo .... I'll leave you to fill in the gaps as to why we even had this item in the dressing room . I think security and management arrived just as Ralph had finished demolishing the entire room and most of a piano with it After a big tussle with Security , demands for money and a lot of screaming - I seem to remember the words 'lifetime ban' being the verdict. Years later I saw Gary Numan on a TV show where he was picking his favourite videos of other bands - he very kindly he picked GTA and played Stoopid Ass, saying a few words about us. He looked wistfully off camera as if recalling a traumatic boyhood event and said 'They were mental ... just .... fucking mental' I like to think he was recalling that incident Happy Saturday - Smash it up :

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