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You have to have some regrets


You see?

You have to have some regrets .

Mine are multiple.

But much less so in years of sobriety .

But every now and then you get a stark reminder of why it's important not to be a dick .

I stumbled across this yesterday - an email transcript of what was at the time - a fairly routine radio interview.

It was at a station in Philadelphia that hugely supported us and we had a great relationship with - they asked me to come in and record some station idents, segues etc.

Being the consummate professionals we were - I had obviously been up all night and turned up almost incomprehensible .. I can still remember the swirling nausea and terminal dread of those type of things ..

Knowing your brain has no say in anything that comes out of your gob... and having to WATCH it happening ..

Anyway the transcript makes for pretty evil reading .. I can only imagine the horror at the label when they received things like this? ... putting us out there .. at huge expense ... to spread the word and shill our album...

and they got ...


SO twenty plus years later I'm still shilling ... possibly less hatefully .

and with much clearer thought processes

And If I never said it before?

I'm Sorry Fred.

I was very



New single out Nov 5th .... do your self a favour ...maaan .

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1 Comment

I mean…it’s not altogether inaccurate…Fred Durst is one of those people that you can tell looked fifty when he was six months old. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

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